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General patient scan - performed on every patient at least the first visit, to understand where his major area of dysfunction are and how to plan the treatment schedule.
Dr. Erik E. Gandino shows 7 ways to treat the Quadratus Lomborum dysfunction with Strain Counterstrain Technique.
Dr. Gandino, director of the Jones Institute Europe, teaches how treat with Counterstrain the Peroneal Musculature when dysfunctioned.
Dr. Gandino, DO describes ho to find and treat 2 new Tender Points on the apex of the Coccyx that can give problems to the elevator ani.
Dr. Erik E. Gandino, DO describes ho to treat the dysfunction of the Abductor digiti minimi, very useful for hand problems.
Dr. Erik E. Gandino explains how to treat a new point named TMJ point for retro-discitis, with Strain Counterstrain technique.
Small video from Timothy Hodges on how to treat some visceral- lymphatic dysfunctions with the new Strain Counterstrain techniques.
Timothy Hodges, treating a visceral disfunction with Strain Counterstrain.
Timothy Hodges, treats a patiente with Strain Counterstrain: This patient has had 6 months of symptoms related to a nerve injury and L5/S1 radiculopathy sustained during a hard fall on his left buttock. 2 days after the fall in October of 2013 he developed anterior tibialis weakness. The weakness quickly developed into a drop foot and has persisted since October. He has been treated by many excellent practitioners in the Northwest as his background is in Osteopathic medicine. However, his symptoms have persisted. His cranial scan indicated Lymphatic Venous as the primary dysfunction, followed closely by Sympathetics of the lower extremity and pelvis and then a few pelvic ligaments. The final system to show up was neural of the leg. His pre test strength in his anterior tib was 2+/5 maybe 3/5. I could break his hold with minimal effort in 3 seconds. Have a look at his result!!
Dr. Randall Kusunose explains how to increase shoulder external range of motion with Counterstrain
Counterstrain techniques for the anterior 1st and 2nd rib shown to improve shoulder ROM in just 90 seconds.
Dr. Brian Tuckey explains how to treat limited shoulder ROM with Neural Periferical Counterstrain
Dr. Brian Tuckey explains how to treat limited shoulder ROM with Neural Periferical Counterstrain.
Neural Counterstrain decreasing tight hip flexors, knee extensors, and changing a (+) Thomas Test.
Neural Counterstrain improving hip abduction ROM and decreasing the tightness of adductor musculature.
Cranial Counterstrain used to decrease inhibition of latissimus dorsi muscle.
Perceived hamstring tightness or symptoms from a herniated disc alleviated with visceral counterstrain.
Ligamentous Counterstrain effectively treating a painful and "frozen shoulder."
Medial ankle point alleviates quadratus lumborum inhibition and pt. is able to recruit QL's post treatment.
Counterstrain dorsal wrist technique decreases pain and improves ulnar deviation.
Treatment to the subscapularis muscle and the nerves that innervate it instantaneously improving external ROM.
Cranial treatment fixing dural inhibition and instantly changing perceived weakness.
Techniques for the UE nerves immediately changing symptoms and increasing ROM.
Increasing shoulder Abduction from freeing uper underior ribs
How Counterstrain can improve spinal mobility and a forward bend.
Dr. Tuckey & Dr. Gandino douring a Visceral Counterstrain Course.
Dr. Tuckey & Dr. Gandino douring a Fascial Intro Counterstrain Course.
Dr. Tuckey & Dr. Gandino douring a Fascial Intro Counterstrain Course, explaining about the Lymphatic System
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